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The skill tree.

Skills determine the class of a character. They can be accessed from the Skills menu by pressing Tab or Select. Skills cost Memora to unlock. Players can speak with Resherak to learn new skills.

List of skills[edit | edit source]

Fighter[edit | edit source]

Skill Description Cost Prerequisite
Haste You swing weapons faster. 5 None
Mace and Axe Master Unlocks the basic Power Attack with axes and maces. 3 Haste
Strikes of the Rising serpents Unlocks Combo Strikes with axes and maces. 3 Mace and Axe Master
Brutal Strikes (Mace and Axe) Unlocks left and right maneuvering Power Attacks with axes and maces. 5 Strikes of the Rising serpents
Sword Mastery Unlocks the basic Power Attack with swords 3 Haste
Strikes of the rising serpents (Sword) Unlocks Combo Strikes with swords 3 Sword Mastery
Brutal Strikes (Sword) Unlocks left and right maneuvering Power Attacks with swords. 5 Strikes of the rising serpents (Sword)
Parry You can block incoming attacks. 3 Haste
Unarmed Mastery Unlocks the Left and Right Power Attacks for unarmed. 3 Haste
Slide of the serpent Slide Attack, has a chance of knockdown. Crouch while running down a hill. 3 Unarmed Mastery
Unarmed Mastery 2 Unlocks the forward and back power attacks for unarmed 3 Unarmed Mastery
Unarmed Mastery 3 Unlocks the special attack. Hold Block then Attack to execute. 3 Unarmed Mastery 2
Resilience You regain health whenever you eat food (on top of any other effects the food may normally have). 3 Haste
Second Wind When you have been at low health (less than n%) for some period of time (m seconds), you begin to quickly recover health over time. (The timer to start this effect resets when you are damaged). 3 Resilience
Vitality Your maximum health increases 3 Resilience
Fast Recovery A percentage of all damage you take goes into a pool of health that quickly recovers over time. 3 Vitality
Vitality 2 Your maximum health further increases 3 Fast Recovery
The Iron Shirt When damage would kill you, there is a small chance that you will not die and will gain health. 5 Vitality 2
Sprint Running speed is markedly higher (with corresponding increase in jumping distance). 3 Haste
Pitch of the Pedro You can throw small objects with great speed and force. 3 Sprint
Lift You can lift and carry objects in the world of greater weight than normal, and throw with greater force. 3 Pitch of the Pedro
Avatar Smash! Like Lift/Heave, but you can exert even more unreasonable force. 5 Lift
Jump Allows heroic jumping height. Without this skill, the character's jump height is that a real-world athlete. 3 Sprint
Feather Fall Fall damage is halfed 3 Jump
Wall Run You can move laterally along the surface of walls. The fighter can jump from nearby surfaces even if that surface is not currently supporting him/her. 5 Feather Fall
Float like a butterfly You are only effected by half of gravity while descending in air and holding the jump button. 5 Wall Run
Leaf on the Wind Double jump. 5 Wall Run
Wall Jump The fighter can jump from nearby surfaces even if that surface is not currently supporting him. 3 Wall Run

Magic[edit | edit source]

Skill Description Cost Prerequisite
Mage Sight Allows the wizard to see magical energy (mana) in the world that is not visible to ordinary people. He can gather this mana merely by touching it. 5 None
Mana This skill increases the wizard's maximum pool of available mana. 3 Mage Sight
Blood Magic You gain some mana when you take damage. 5 Mana
Mana 2 More than one level of mana skill is available, increasing the size of the player's mana pool successively. 3 Mana
Ceremonial Garb When you wear equipment that manipulates mana, its effects are doubled. 5 Mana 2
Mana 3 Yet more mana pool 3 Mana 2
Mana 4 Yet more mana pool 4 Mana 3
Mana 5 Yet more mana pool 5 Mana 4
Mana Attractor You can collect mana motes without touching them - you just need to get near them. 5 Mana 5
Battle Magic Spells that do damage get a bonus to damage dealt. 5 Mage Sight
White Magic Spells that heal or protect get a bonus to damage healed/prevented. 3 Mage Sight
Mystic Benison You heal some damage whenever you cast a spell. 3 White Magic
Arcane Regeneration You heal somewhat whenever you collect a mana mote. 3 Mystic Benison
Time Magic Spells with a duration get a bonus to duration. 3 Mage Sight
Casting 1 This skill eliminates the risk of Afflictions when casting first-level spells, and qualifies the wizard to cast second-level spells by risking Afflictions. 3 Mage Sight
Gesture Mastery You can execute spell casting gestures faster. 5 Casting 1
Focus Mastery In addition to his personal rune rack, the wizard can rack a different set of runes for each wand and/or staff he holds. He can then switch among them by switching weapons. This replaces the normal function of the item (which can be restored by clearing its runes again) 5 Casting 1
Casting 2 Qualifies the wizard to cast spells of one level higher without risking Afflictions. 3 Casting 1
Syntactic Mastery The wizard can now add determiners to syntactic spells. 3 Casting 2
Power Words Any spell you have named (in the UI for giving custom names to spells) enjoys increased potency. 1 Syntactic Mastery
Casting 3 Qualifies the wizard to cast spells of one level higher without risking Afflictions. 3 Casting 2
Casting 4 Qualifies the wizard to cast spells of one level higher without risking Afflictions. 5 Casting 3
Casting 5 Qualifies the wizard to cast spells of one level higher without risking Afflictions. 5 Casting 4

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Skill Description Cost Prerequisite
Stealth Sense You can now see how exposed to detection you are. 5 None
Evade Traps Traps do the thief less damage. 3 Stealth Sense
Lock Artist You can open some locked doors without the proper key. 3 Evade Traps
Sabotage Traps Traps do less damage to objects placed by the thief. 3 Evade Traps
Traps 3 Objects placed by you resist being dislodged by traps. 3 Sabotage Traps
Traps 4 Objects placed by you drain energy from traps that hit them. 5 Traps 3
Set Traps 1 You can string a Tripwire twice as far as normal. 3 Evade Traps
Set Traps 2 Tripwires you set do more damage, and stun the victim. 3 Set Traps 1
Set Traps 3 Tripwires you set do even more damage, and also bind the victim (reducing movement). 3 Set Traps 2
Night Vision The thieve has enhanced night vision while crouched. 3 Stealth Sense
Concealment You get a permanent reduction in your exposure while crouching. 3 Stealth Sense
Hit And Run Light recedes from the thief when they kill a foe in melee, making them less exposed for a period of time. 3 Concealment
Mastermind's Escape A blow in combat that would normally kill you will instead hide you, making all foes lose track and forcing exposure to zero for a brief period. 5 Hit And Run
Scouting Movement no longer increases exposure. 3 Concealment
Scouting 2 Standing up no longer increases exposure, for the first few seconds after doing so 3 Scouting
Climb Mantel You can mantel now 3 Stealth Sense
Climb Ropes Movement speed on ropes is increased. 3 Climb Mantel
Dash When crouched, you can target a nearby location and move there quickly and invisibly by sprinting. 3 Stealth Sense
Dash 2 You can dash across gaps. 3 Dash
Lightning Dash When you are hidden from all foes and execute a Dash towards one, time all but stops for a few seconds of your own subjective time. 5 Dash 2
Surprise Foes may be stunned when they become quite suddenly aware of your presence 3 Stealth Sense
Backstab Melee attacks do bonus damage when the foe is facing away from the attacker. 3 Stealth Sense
Ambush Attacks do backstab damage vs foes who are unaware of the thief. 3 Backstab
Ambush 2 Attacks do backstab damage vs. stunnged or bound foes. 5 Ambush
Dagger Flurry You can perform a combo flurry of attacks with daggers. 3 Backstab
Dagger Feint When you attack with daggers, nearby foes may flinch as if hit. 3 Dagger Flurry
Pounce The thief does damage and possible knockdown when he/she lands on a foe from above. 3 Backstab
Waylay The thief's attacks have a small chance to critically hit (dealing double damage) whenever their exposure is low. 3 Backstab
Lucky Shot When crouched with a ranged weapon, you can sense the most auspicious moment to attack. 3 Backstab
Sniping Headshots with arrows deal double sneak attack damage. 3 Lucky Shot
Ninja Rule When you backstab a foe, all other foes will hesitate to attack you for a few seconds. 3 Backstab
Ninja Rule 2 The Ninja Rule applies even to attacks that are not backstabs. 5 Ninja Rule